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Favoured Son
The Life of a Pure-Blood
Ok Sirius, just to humour you... and because everyone is wondering what the hell that weird singing is... (I'm gonna cough so much flack for this)

Everywhere we go!
People stop and ask us!
Who we are!
Where we come from!
And we tell them!
We're fae Scotland!
And if they cannae hear us!

Now let us all pray that you don't find any bagpipes...

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So all is revealed... "Gryffindors are losers" Like we didn't already know.

I thought i'd heard some of the other Slytherins whispering about something whilst i was reading in the common room the other day.

Although it would have been nice for someone to let me know what was going on... especially my so-called family members. hmm?

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Well, well, well… it sure has been a while since I updated this silly thing and what a time it has been…

The school term has started and the first few days have passed without as much as a minor hiccup. The feast was enjoyable as always although I had to retire early as I was simply too tired.

On a whole I was quite pleased with my OWL results…

History of Magic: O (Easy Stuff)
Potions: O
Ancient Runes: O
Transfiguration: O
Care of Magical Creatures: O (There does seem to be a pattern here…)

DADA: E (Good enough…)
Charms: E (It appears as though I was docked a few marks for that whole fruit fiasco, though it wasn’t my fault!)

Divination: A (Who needs this rubbish?)
Muggle Studies: A (I think mother would have preferred me to have failed this one… but she did insist I take as many classes as possible…)

…so it had made choosing which subjects to drop relatively easy. Muggle Studies is no more (per the family’s request) along with Divination and Care of Magical Creatures.

My life at Hogwarts has quickly settled back in to its old routine, it’s as though I never left. Although I do like the Black family manor it is difficult to find a spare second of your own time, either mother wants something or Kreacher is prodding me with a broom. At Hogwarts there is plenty of time where I can read in silence or spend time in thought… and there is also the Quidditch season to look forward to in the coming months; it’ll be nice to get back in the air. I did manage to get a fair few hours practice in whilst at home, not that I didn’t have other things to do.

Now that I’m a sixth year I’m sure that things will only be getting better. In the past I was aware that many of the students tended to keep a wide berth of me but I’m sure that’s just because of where I come from. This year will be different, we must have many of the same interests otherwise I wouldn’t have been placed in Slytherin House. I think its time to take a stand and prove myself, live up to the name and honour that has been ground in to me from a young age… I’m sure that’s what Father would have wanted me to do…

I’m just not sure... after last year…

Well my mind begins to wander so I think its time for me to be off.

Just one last thing.

SiriusCollapse )

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Half a week at home and things have begun to calm down.

Mother took me to Diagon Alley yesterday as promised and purchased me a new broomstick. Of course only the best is good enough for me so I am now the proud owner of a Twigger 90.

However, during the entirety of this little excursion mother found the need to tell me in excessive detail, ever little failure and disappointment that my dear brother presented to them. This concluded with how, if father had still been alive, he would have kicked Sirius out of the house by now, instead of giving him the opportunity to run away.

Whilst this continues to be a joy to me, it doesn’t even compare to the horrors that will be forced upon me next week when Aunt Elladora pays a visit. I pray to Merlin that she doesn’t bring us any more house elf heads…

Sometimes I wonder if being born in to this family was such a blessing after all…

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Well wasn’t today delightful. After finally leaving the infirmary for the first time since Tuesday (thank you, Sirius -_-;;) I was quite excited to be going home. I quickly threw my things together, as I obviously hadn’t had time to pack and raced down to the horseless carriages just as they were about to pull away for the Hogwarts express.

Now, the reunion with my mother wasn’t the most joyous of occasions but I guess it did herald some happy results. Mother was in a strop because apparently Sirius has seen fit to sneak off and not let our parents know where he has gone or when/if he is coming back.

Therefore, the first thing she wants to know is where my stupid brother has run off too. A topic that couldn’t interest me in the slightest and something that I clearly know nothing about. When this wielded no answers she moved, on to another subject I had wished to avoid and that was my short stay in the infirmary. Of course, I should have known someone at the school would have sent an owl but I can quite do without our whole family knowing that Sirius practically killed me. (Not that I wouldn’t have taken him in the end.)

She started asking so many questions on the subject that I finally gave in and lied. I told her I fell off my broom. *sigh* Not that my brother will care what I’ve done on his behalf… but it is probably better for me in the long run. Mother although doubtful at first seemed to buy the story and decided that my broom is faulty, so she is going to buy me another one tomorrow. Success.

Ohh Merlin…. I can hear her screaming “If he’s not back within the hour” I better go and calm her down before she and Kreacher have another spat.

One last thing, I guess i should add... Happy Birthday Sirius...

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Just in case anyone was wondering, I am going to be in the infirmary for the last day of term. Madam Pomfrey managed to adequately mend my broken ribs and nose. However, the conjunctivitis curse is still lingering around my eyes. I think they just want to make sure that I don’t go around bumping in to things. It is likely that I will miss the feast because of this, but right now, I’m not much in the mood for eating.

Please refrain from asking me what happened… I… I don’t want to talk about it.

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What a perfect conclusion to the week. Slytherin won the Quidditch final! I don't think there was ever any doubt, since we are obviously the better side. I mean, i've never see the Gryffindor's practicing, i think they're just too relaxed. I actually wish that the game had been more of a challenge, they didn't put up much of a fight to be honest.

However, i do not appreciate people throwing things at me. I'm not entirely sure what it was, but i have a feeling it was a Beater's bat. Therefore Sirius, yes i am looking at you. But maybe Mr Potter...

The summer looks ever brighter.

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A thankful end to a completely exhausting week, my OWL’s are now officially over.

It all went as well as could I could have expected… on the most part. History of Magic was a breeze. Since I am thoroughly intrigued by the past, it came to me as no surprise that the questions seemed mediocre in comparison to some of the knowledge that my parents have shared with me over the years. My other subjects although not as easy in comparison, seemed to pass without too much trouble; I would assume that I have passed adequately in all, with two possible exceptions, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

DADA was not so much of a problem as much as it caught me off guard. I was quite surprised that they actually sprung a Boggart on to us, as I always thought this was quite an advanced technique to learn. Anyway, during my examination for some strange reason the Boggart turned in to a perfect realisation of myself. Now I don’t full comprehend this, I have a strong feeling that my Boggart must have been ill or something because it simply makes no sense. But I was so shocked that my first attempt at the Ridikkulus spell completely failed and I had to repeat myself, I’m sure I will be dropped marks for that. Ohh well.

Charms on the other hand was a completely different matter. After successfully casting the silencing charm (Not only on my task but also an unsuspecting Ravenclaw across from me – The examiner although perturbed at first seemed quite pleased especially when I excellently applied the counter charm) I was then given my test on the levitation charm. All seemed to be going well as I managed to levitate the entire contents of a bowl of fruit and managed to make it move through the air in a regulating pattern until that is for some unknown reason every single piece of fruit exploded. Now although my suspicions are completely ungrounded, I do have them. I am hoping that the examiner had already seen enough of my talents to forget about this little misgiving.

However now that the OWL’s are over, my attentions are drawn strongly to the thought of the summer holidays. What a fun time that will be. At this moment, I’m pretty sure that my brother hates me even more then usual, after my little tip off to the parents about his auror training. I don’t know what he expected of me. He and my parents might not get along but they still demand to know every little thing he is doing and of course, that falls solely on my shoulders. I don’t enjoy snooping around, knowing every single fact about him, in fact I’d be quite happy to avoid him like the plague but I am denied that luxury. I mean his life isn’t even that interesting, why our parents can’t be satisfied to just let him ruin his own little life with no interruptions I will never know.

Anyway, I think it’s time to forget about all the hard work and responsibilities and do something enjoyable…

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